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Posted by on Sep 19, 2013 in Plumbing Repair Sandy Springs GA

5 Plumbing Must-Dos Before Leaving for Vacation

Summer getaway is a time for stress-free leisure. We suggest to verse yourself on how to look after your plumbing prior to packing your bags and you’ll enjoy yourself all the more knowing that your home plumbing system is safe while on vacation.

Turn down your water heater. Turn the knob on your gas water heater to the “pilot” of “vacation” setting. This will stop the burners from continually heating the whole tank of water while you aren’t there to use it. Electric water heaters can be turned off or set to a reduced temperature level, also.Water Heater Temperature Setting


Turn off your main water valve. The surefire way of avoiding any leaks or water damage while you are away is to switch off your main water valve. This will stop all flow of water into your house and decrease water pressure on all your fixtures and home appliances. Leaking pipes, running commodes and blocked ice makers cannot destroy your holiday if they don’t exist. Ensure to shut your water off prior to you remove for summertime trip.

If you cannot shut down your primary water valve, switch off the water supply valves at each home appliance. Your sinks, washing equipment, commodes and dish washers should all have specific water consumption valves that can be turned off. While water pressure will still be preserved throughout the network of pipes in your house plumbing system, water will not flow to your components and home appliances.

Check for leaks. You must regularly check your plumbing whether or not you are leaving on summer vacation. It is particularly vital to make an examination prior to you leave for a prolonged time period. Even if you shut your major water valve off, some water and pressure remain in your pipes. A leakage can cause water damages, and if you don’t turned off your primary water valve, even a small leak in a pipe can wind up costing you hundreds of dollars.

Add drain-maintenance product to your drains. This helps to keep them moist and prevent any odor from building up while you are away. via: Tips to Avoid a Vacation Plumbing Nightmare

Sump pump. Water from your pipes isn’t the only water that can do damage. Rain water that leaks into your house has to be taken care of by your sump pump. Make certain it is in good operating condition prior to you leave for holiday. You can test it by disposing of a container of water into your sump hole. The pump needs to switch on immediately and start lowering the water level. If your sump is old or looks worn, consider having it replaced by an expert plumbing professional before you leave.

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